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Transformers: Armada

Im going to start off by saying that there is no way Transformers: Armada will be as good as the original Transformers G1 from 1984. I came into this show expecting someting good but it is like the creators took everyone that ever liked transformers and watched the originals and kicked them their privates. It is like they have made this show into someting like “Pokemon and Yugio”, i mean got to catch all the mini cons. let’s put it like this, The Autobots are Ash and Yugi and The decepticons are Team Rocket. Give me a break. What ever happened to destroy the autobots, or that the decepticons would be attacking the city and the autobots got to stop them? But no, its all about We found the minicons over here and over here.

The thing is that they have split this up into two seasons and im going to write about season 1 and 2 cause it is really changing from bad to better. The story in the first season never got any real build up and ended up like some sickly hippopotamus. Its core concept are the minicons. it is really a silly underhanded strategy to get the kids to buy more toys. The episodes never came close to the writing level of the original.

as for the animation it is a huge disappointment. it is Very stiff and has minimal character movements. Insteed they are using an absurb ammount of scrolling and repeating the backgrounds with still shots of everyone sliding across the screen. When there is a dialog taking place there are animating mouths and the rest of the screen will be staying completly still. and another bad thing is that the combat footage that is repeated in nearly every other episode.

In The second season im really suprised as i thougt i was going to die having to watch the rest of the episodes, but when i start someting i always finish it, and im glad i did. after episode 30, they got their act together and the writers apparently started writing proper Transformers stories. The character development was taken up quite a notch with the introduction of Starscream doing someting that i dont really wanna spoil here. I actully did not think i was going to say someting like this but his character arc is possibly the most heart wrenching onee second only to Dinobot’s in Beast Wars as we get some emotionally charged episodes from here on.

The got to catch the minicons plot takes a halt as a more sweeping epic story involving the return villain last seen in the 1986 Transformers movie, can you guess who? The story silly story is now replaced with someting more mature like the conflict of purpose and the philosophy of war. This new story and more mature style of storytelling, with its emotionally charged moments and more intense dialog are accentuated with a greatly improved quality of animation. There are still some inconsistencies and the painfully drawn out monologues are still present.

The conclusion is that if you decide to watch Armada, do not skip to Season two, start from the beginning. Even if it pains me to say this you will need to watch it from the start for everyting to come together in the end, if you cant to this i would say you should skip Armada entierly and go for someting else.

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