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Vampire Knight Guilty

If you have read my erlier review of season one Vampire Knight you will know that i did not like it very much. As i stated there i will also state here, I have not read the manga and base this review on the anime only.

After finishing Vampire Knight i was not to happy when i started the first episode of Vampire Knight Guilty. However, I should a lot happier with it then i was with season one since i did get a lot of answer to most of my bad criticisms from the first season with just being great. I certainly can not say I was disappointed with how Vampire Knight Guilty cleaned up the the mess it had in the first season, but I can not really say I was to much impressed either. The first episodes where really great picking up from where Vampire Knight left of. Someting must have happend to me as i now enjoyed this season. The problems from the first season where still present but not anyway near as bad as erlier wich made it into someting i could enjoy in a different way then before.

One thing that amazed me was that this season had that it had the most shocking plot twist that i have seen in a long time, what is sad is that after this it seems that the series are running out of material trying to come up with someting to top itself off. After the shock is given the ship once again starts to sink. What i think of is one of the badguys(dont want to spoil) who appears to be a real badass that everyone is afraid of, he looks intimidating but is noway near dangerous as he just takes hit by hit and ends up duying really fast, Not much of a conflict.

I feel that the character where as non intressting in this seasons as in the first, just another continual fountain of angst. Here we got answers to questions about them that the first season left us hanging with but not much more then that. I also felt that he conspiracies that the Vampire Council and the Association had turned out much more intriguing then the main conflict.

Like Vampire Knight, this season has really nice animation, with good looking colours and attractive character designs. Movements flow well in all scenes, and each character has a unique look. Body language and facial expressions convey mood wonderfully and each character has their own brand of them, just like actual people do. The architecture of the school buildings, gates, towns, even windows is very detailed and gothic and does a lot to further the haunting mood of this series.

Im going to say that in conslusion i found both seasons somewhat boring in the end and would rather recommend someone to watch Hellsing or simillair insteed of this. If anyone is going into this looking for substance and/or action the show will leave a distinct ‘Is that it?’. I have also heard rumours of a third season, but i do not know if im going to watch it or not.

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