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I certainly got more than I was expecting from this anime. Boy was I IN FOR A SURPRISE.

A lot have said that Zegapain suffered a slow start. I cannot agree though, because it was apparent to me right from the beginning that Zegapain is mostly about the characters and not the action. What is real? Who is real? Evolution, immortality, one’s existence – themes that can be used to develop characters effectively, and that was what Sunrise did. This is an intimate story; through their struggles, through their pain, through their goals, we grow to feel genuinely for the characters. Obviously this show has a very mature cast, and a very mature feel to it due to its depressing and melancholic nature. If you don’t like drama, perhaps you may find some parts a bit annoying. As for me, my personal best moments here actually involve the interactions between Kyo and Ryoko and their schoolmates.

The main reason why I find Zegapain so addicting is that i never know what to expect. There are many twists introduced in the first half as the producers chose to release information bit by bit throughout the episodes. Because of that, I had a great time enjoying the unknown, feeling vaguely eerie at certain parts, curiousity aroused to the maximum. It’s like watching a great mystery unfolding itself. That is why reading a detailed synopsis should be out of the question for anyone planning to watch this. It will gravely spoil the surprise element.

All I can say is, if you like themes on quantum physics, questions of existence, reality and the virtual world, the butterfly-dream effect, psychological aspects and all that tech mumbo-jumbo, you’ll probably enjoy this series. It’s not as intellectually-challenging as Noein, or as deep as Rahxephon, but Zegapain still manages to introduce an interesting concept to sci-fi/mech fans. It’s a mech war, yet it’s so much more than that. There are no excessive battle action or heroic talks here; this is a show that largely focuses on finding oneself and reaching mutual understanding.

Overall, the series progressed well, except for the last couple of episodes where things moved at a breakneck pace and certain things seemed a bit unrealistic. There were some cliche moments towards the climatic ending, but nothing too cheesy. Made me chuckle though.

The ending was almost perfectly conclusive, if only it wasn’t so ambiguous. It left me wanting more so badly. Still, I’m happy with how they wrapped up things. It’s only fitting for such a bleak series. I wouldn’t mind an OVA ot two though.

On another note i think the mecha design is quite bad, also I find the battle scenes somehow lacking perspective – something is off in the way the zegapain and enemies move in relation to each other.

This anime draws a very fasinating sci-fi world of reality and illusions, Science that is close to Magic (Arthur Clark). The anime call’s us to examine what it means to be human what can be called human, abd to explore new forms of life and consciousness. If you’re into SciFi and like Philosophical chalanges tis anime is for you – if you are only looking for anime action it’s worth to check out.

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